Peanut chikki Recipe | Peanut Brittle Recipe | Sing chikki | Groundnut Chikki Recipe

Peanut chikki Recipe | Peanut Brittle Recipe | Sing Chikki | Groundnut Chikki

Peanut chikki Recipe | Peanut Brittle Recipe | Sing Chikki | Groundnut Chikki

Ingredients :
1 cup groundnuts / peanuts OR 160 grams peanuts (moongfali)
½ cup jaggery powder OR 3/4 cup crashed Jaggery / Gud
1/4 Cup water
Some oil or ghee for greasing

Preparation :
Roasting peanuts:
1. Add 1 Cup Peanuts to a thick bottom Pan or Kadai.
2. Now roast the peanuts on a low-medium flame and keep stirring frequently till they become crunchy.
3. Roast till you see some black spots on the peanuts and if possible taste a few to see if they have been cooked properly and have become crunchy.
4. Now remove the peanuts in a separate tray and let them cool down.
5. After the peanuts have cooled down, remove the husks or peanut coating by rubbing them between your palms. You can also use a winnow or a sieve with large perforations.
6. Keep these peanuts aside while we cook the jaggery / gud.

Making jaggery syrup and peanut chikki:
1. In the same kadai or pan, take 3/4 cup jaggery or 1/2 cup Jaggery powder and add some water.
2. Heat the jaggery on a low flame and keep stirring with a spoon or spatula till the jaggery gets dissolved.
3. Now keep stirring and check the syrup sample if the jaggery syrup reached to a soft ball like consistency.
4. when the jaggery comes to this consistency, quickly add the peanuts and give a quick stir and mix very well.
5. Grease a plate or marble board with oil or ghee.
6. Switch off the flame and quickly pour the chikki mixture on the greased plate or marble board.
7. Now Flatten out the chikki with rolling pin (belan).
8. Then with a knife, cut the chikki horizontally and vertically.
9. Let the peanut chikki cool at room temperature.
10. Once cooled, break them and serve the peanut chikki. If not serving, then store them in an airtight container / jar at room temperature.

Recipe Tips :
1. Recipe can be doubled.
2. Be attentive when cooking jaggery syrup. if it is not cooked properly, then the chikki will be chewy or can become too hard.