French Fries - Potato Fries Chips

French Fries - Potato Fries Chips Recipe

French Fries - Potato Fries Chips recipe

4-5 big potatoes
Oil for frying

• Peel the potatoes and cut them into finger shaped strips. If you have a Food Processor(with an attachment for cutting finger-chips) then it will be easy for you to get equal size and shape strips.
• Soak them in the water. Rub the Strips gently in the water to remove starch. Drain the water and pat dry with towel.
• Heat the oil. Keep the flame between medium and high. Add some potato strips and fry until golden in color. Take them out and put them on a tissue paper. Sprinkle some salt. Similarly fry the remaining potato strips in batches.
• Serve them Hot along with some Tomato Ketchup or Chutney.